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Cleaning Philly
Block By Block.

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Cleaning Philly Together Block by Block

Block By Block is a volunteer community-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, participating in making Philadelphia the cleanest city in America.


At Block by Block Philly, our mission is to create a cleaner, greener, and more vibrant Philadelphia. We are dedicated to improving our city's environment by organizing community-based cleanups, advocating for policy changes, and fostering a culture of pride in our neighborhoods. With active community participation, we aim to make Philadelphia the cleanest city in America, one block at a time.

Upcoming Cleanups

Joining our cleanups is an opportunity to be part of a community-driven effort to improve Philadelphia, one block at a time. By signing up, you can directly contribute to making our city cleaner and greener. Whether you're a seasoned volunteer or new to the cause, your involvement is invaluable. Together, we'll work block by block to create a more vibrant and beautiful Philadelphia.

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