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Trash Sighting

Help Us Change The Law!

At Block By Block Philly, our goal is to help make Philadelphia the cleanest city in America. We have a serious dumping problem in this city. We need your help!

The Issue


Two things that are frequently illegally dumped are construction material and vehicle tires. Currently there are six free public dump sites in the city of Philadelphia. They do not allow construction material and limit tire dumping to two per person. We want to change those rules!



We would like the free dump sites to accept construction material and tires. In order to do that we must collect data about construction material and tires that are dumped throughout the city.

How You Can Help


Please use the form to upload information every time you see construction materials or tires dumped around Philly. We will use this data to show the sanitation department what to expect if these rules are changed. We are working closely with City Council members who chair two oversight committees.

You can also email us with multiple sightings at We need to know your name, email, what type of material, the amount and location with a photo.

Thanks for submitting! We will send you an email requesting you to send us photos or you can email them to

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