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Block By Block is a volunteer community-based, non-profit organization, participating in making Philadelphia the cleanest city in America.

David & Amanda are North Philadelphia residents.


We have been long proponents of clean streets. When Covid-19 landed in Philadelphia we were encouraged to help our sanitation department. In the past we have conducted personal sweeping of our own blocks for many years.


In June 2020 we expanded our efforts city wide and created Block By Block. We love Philadelphia and love to see it litter free.

david & amanda


Cleaning PhillyTogether

Block By Block.

Our Mission is to be the cleanest city in the America. We strive to encourage participation and make the process fun. There are many neighbors who would like a litter free street, but simply need help. This is where Block by Block steps in-galvanizes the subject city block with fellow Philadelphians willing to assist.


We envision a community lifting one another. We envision changing the culture of leaving our trash at our feet. We envision a city with such pride that we hold each other accountable to remain litter free.


Participate with us to make Philly the cleanest city in America!

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